"Radici e Globalità" in Puglia a braccia aperte
Foreword by Nicola D’Ambrosio
Peace is the real encounter each other in truth, the acceptance of difference

From Canada to Puglia: Under the Sign of Dialogue

Puglia with Open Arms
the English translation by Elizabeth Sabiston, York University, Toronto, of the celebrated tale of Hédi Bouraoui, Puglia à bras ouverts, and Puglia a braccia aperte, translated by Nicola D’Ambrosio of the University of Bari, constitute a trilogy which is part of the important international project, From Canada to Puglia: Under the Sign of Dialogue.
On the one hand: the Canada-Maghreb Centre (CMC), York University, Toronto. The CMC, founded by Hédi Bouraoui, is directed by Elizabeth Sabiston, who is also the Director of the “Nomadanse” Collection, CMC Éditions.
On the other hand: Wip Edizioni of Bari and its editor, Stefano Ruocco.
Nicola D’Ambrosio played the role of cultural mediator between these two Institutions in his capacity as CMC permanent Correspondent for Italy, and as official translator of Hédi Bouraoui’s work and Director of the Collection “Al di là del Mediterraneo” of WIP Edizioni, Bari.
March 06, 2009, Puglia a braccia aperte will be presented, with a forward by Cesare Colafemmina of the University of Bari, within the framework of a series of meetings, “Percorsi identitari, La Puglia che scrive, che edita, che parla di sé,” organized by the Teca del Mediterraneo of the Regional Council of Puglia, directed by Mr. Waldemaro Morgese, in collaboration with the Iride Association and in the presence of Hédi Bouraoui.
The first step of this ambitious project enjoyed an unhoped-for success thanks to the generous, informative participation of Hédi Bouraoui, writer, novelist, essayist, Professor Emeritus, Writer in Residence, York University.
Heartfelt thanks to Hédi Bouraoui and to all the valued collaborators.
Ad maiora!

In charge of the project Nicola D’Ambrosio
University of Bari
Scheda bibliografica
Autore Hédi Bouraoui
Titolo "Radici e Globalità" in Puglia a braccia aperte
Traduzione Prof. Nicola D’Ambrosio
Editore WIP Edizioni - Bari
Prezzo € 12,00
data pub. 2008
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